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  1. MessyMix

    I accidentally left my IPhone 7 headphones on a plane when traveling with family. These work as well as the original ones. Would buy them again.

    Lightning HeadphonesLightning Headphones

  2. Kayla Abrams

    This phone is great. Came with a 99% battery life although on of the lower speakers don’t work but there isn’t much of a difference.

    iPhone Xs MaxiPhone Xs Max

  3. Akira

    i have had the phone for a month now, and the only thing that has bugged me with the product is that i cant turn off the noise you get when you take a picture. everything else works perfectly fine. absolutely worth it

    iPhone 11iPhone 11

  4. Meda

    Hit or miss with these renewed/refurbished iPhones. I received one that looked brand new and unused so I decided to buy one for my wife on Mother’s Day and it was so obvious that nothing was replaced externally…

    iPhone XRiPhone XR

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  5. Robert Long

    The phone in itself is great.
    The one feature that I constantly have to battle is the power button being placed directly across from the volume control.

    iPhone XiPhone X

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  6. Ken

    Phone was delivered on time, works well and except for minor scratches around the charging port, looks like new. I’m well impressed.

    iPhone 12 MiniiPhone 12 Mini

  7. Dishant Mehta

    Good but when plugged into a charger it heats up fairly hot. So I?¡¥m assuming this was refurbished display unit. I had to return it due to that reason. Other than that the item looked brand new.

    iPhone XsiPhone Xs

  8. venkatesh kolli

    Perhaps I am expecting too much, but do be aware this can happen if it is something that might annoy

    iPhone 11 Pro MaxiPhone 11 Pro Max

  9. Julianna reese

    I needed a new phone and I decided to go down the affordable root and get myself a newer phone refurbished!

    iPhone XRiPhone XR

  10. Brittany Jackson

    Phone arrived on time and in good condition. It’s working well
    Arrived 4 days ahead of schedule. Touch screen, camera all work great!
    Phone was fully unlocked as advertised.
    I popped my SIM card out of my old phone into this one and it starred working immediately.
    Only complaint I have is the battery life.
    Battery might last on full charge. Once battery hits 5% it dies.

    iPhone 8iPhone 8

  11. leanfel Montavo

    So the phone was stunning when it arrived, as new, not a single mark unfortunately the screen was unresponsive in certain areas so have had to return but would not hesitate to buy from them again

    iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro

  12. Kenny ott

    What I really like about this phone is that it feels just like a regular phone that you would buy from the shop but cheaper. Everything works and it’s a great quality phone. I haven’t experienced any problems with the phone which is great.

    iPhone 8iPhone 8

  13. grview

    The battery capacity is great, phone is great, unlocked as described. However, after pulling off the screen protector I found that the phone screen is all scratched up. Now, the phone came cheaper than expected

    iPhone 7iPhone 7

  14. tom

    I want an exchange replacement phone and not a refund. The problem is, i was reading it would be at least a month for me to get replacement phone. I cant medically go without for a couple weeks to a months with no phone.

    iPhone 7iPhone 7

  15. Huiyan

    I moved from Android to iPhone mainly because I can’t find an Android phone this small or smaller. After using it I switched back. I took 1 star off because I realized I hate iPhones and 1 star off because the screen came with some pretty noticeable scratches on it.

    iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 7 Plus

  16. fototaker Tony

    I’m very happy with my new phone. It honestly looks like new, the battery health is 95% and it lasts almost 30 hours with normal use

    iPhone 7iPhone 7

  17. Oscar Matias

    Good overall, however, there is a mark down to the metal on the rear by the power button, can be seen at arms length. Wasn’t expecting any such marks. Not sure if it’s in the expectations of renewed or not.

    iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 7 Plus

  18. ponda

    first time lucky my phone arrive in near perfect condition and met all the parameters set out in the listing.

    iPhone 6s PlusiPhone 6s Plus

  19. Heidi Briguglio

    I read reviews before buying and saw it looked amazing and that it performed really well, the delivery even turned up a day early.

    iPhone 6siPhone 6s

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  20. jamanati

    I ordered an iPhone. They did not clean the charging port, neither the speakers, and the phone screen on the side is lifting a little. But overall the phone is good, the speakers is still working and the phone is still charging, there aren’t any scratches at all. Just thought since it is refurbished and they said in the information that it would be cleaned i expected it to be cleaned

    iPhone 8 PlusiPhone 8 Plus

  21. Bookdragon

    Mainly for email, texts and phone. I can understand the camera is much better than my previous iPhone.

    iPhone 6siPhone 6s

  22. Jonathan

    I bought this for my girlfriend, from renewed. To be honest I was a little bit scare about it because was half of the original price.

    iPhone 6siPhone 6s

  23. Lincoln

    Set your expectations from the description of what you’ll receive and if the seller happens to exceed your expectations, great! Overall, I’m happy with my phone, but would’ve set my expectations lower upon reading the description of what I was buying. My fault.

    iPhone 6s PlusiPhone 6s Plus