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  1. alexander

    Just received device today, it came several days early. Unboxing, product came as advertised one minor visible scratch near charging port, screen protector on front and back of device, full battery

    iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro

  2. Laura

    I like the feel of the cable and it seems very durable. Works great in my car with my phone holder as a semi-permanent fixture.

    USB Lightning Charger Cable 100CMUSB Lightning Charger Cable 100CM

  3. Tiffany West

    I am absolutely happy with my purchase! I’ve gone through the reviews and was ready to order right after. The only thing is my battery health was at 84% as I seen others with 100% which is fine by me. It’s nothing to go get a new battery when and if that time comes. As you see in the pictures the phone is in great condition annnndddd it’s unlocked so you can use any phone service for it. I’m digging the picture quality especially after upgrading to this. What a difference a upgraded phone makes! It came with a cute case plus a charger. If you¡¯re looking into this phone I’d say go for it. I’m on day 1 and I’m excited!!! I’m 1 month in with the phone and it’s still working great no issues at all.

    iPhone 12 Pro MaxiPhone 12 Pro Max

  4. Dustin Starks

    My son has been researching for an unlocked cellphone that could be used in Puerto Rico with Claro for a couple of weeks. I was apprehensive with electronics not purchased with the original company but it was his saved up money and I wanted him to have his own experience (he’s 16). Well he surprised me! The phone arrived within a couple of days and the thing looks like it is brand new! No scratches, everything so far has worked perfectly and it even came with a screen protector. He just placed in his prepaid sim card and that was it. So far I give this purchase a 5 stars.

    iPhone 6siPhone 6s

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  5. AZRA T.

    Everything was fine until for approximately 1 month. The headphones began to go in and out with the sound, it was frustrating so I threw them away.

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  6. Sophia Gonzales

    As expected, The phone looked GREAT, with no scratches (I would have been OK with minor scratches since I am purchasing something refurbished) and no cracks/smooth front screen. The only little, temporary, issue I saw was a little dust in the speakers/mic holes at the bottom of phone. It was a simple fix, I simply clean the area with a brush and the phone looked exactly like new! Tested phone calls on loudspeaker and the speakers work fine!
    I have used the phone for a while now and it continues to work beautifully. This iPhone came with iOS running out of the box, which was fine by me. Even checked the battery health with the new iOS and it was at 92% (very fair, actually expected something lower).
    Your experience (packaging, phone condition, etc) may not be exactly the same as mine since each phone is different, but this was definitely a great purchase for the price. Definitely be open-minded if you are interested in a refurbished phone and be OK if the phone does not arrive 100% in perfect condition.

    iPhone XsiPhone Xs

  7. T. Dugger

    Phone looks practically brand new. No scratches at all and 100% battery health. Completely worth it over buying brand new. Mine came with the much slower usb a charger NOT a usb c

    iPhone Xs MaxiPhone Xs Max

  8. Wendy Martinez

    4 scratches directly on the screen. Battery was at 100% capacity. Back of phone was clean with no scratches, cameras are all good, speakers sound crisp and where not dirty, all buttons function and feel fine.

    iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 7 Plus

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    Image #2 from Wendy Martinez
  9. Belinda

    I was definitely Skeptical about purchasing a phone off the Internet and I¡¯m a little upset that I did as well. The phone came and I only needed a SIM card and was able to activate it which was great. Also, The physical appearance of the phone came with no scratches or anything and was delivered a day early.The Charger in the box wasn¡¯t the normal I Phone charger however the cord is the original, in which it states this in the description.It was also well packaged.However, Overall I do have some complaints. For the money I paid I¡¯ve only had the phone close to six months and I already can¡¯t hear out of the speaker, The home button vibrates and makes this weird noise which is annoying when opening the phone or even to close a app, The music plays very low and the phone is always freezing and as I stated I only had the phone less than six months. If anything I would say go to store and purchase your phone that way you know your getting a good refurbished phone that can be fixed or replaced if something goes wrong. I would like to have a replacement or a refund if possible in it¡¯s entirety.

    iPhone XRiPhone XR

  10. Digichip

    I know many people are upset with having to purchase a new power adapter. However, this adapter runs at 20w opposed to the regular one that runs at 5w. Overall this is a really nice thing to have and would recommend purchasing this adapter.

    Fast Charger Adapter 20WFast Charger Adapter 20W

  11. rajendra rohokale

    The phone works as advertised. I think it is a good value for the money, but I wish it was $100 cheaper. Fac recognition is working well. It is a little slow sometimes.

    iPhone XRiPhone XR

  12. curnell

    The only defect on the phone was a small prick where the SIM card is place; it looked as though someone used something else to try and open it. As for the battery, it last for a full day because I work with my phone and always in the Wifi zone. Otherwise, I think it’s safe to say good buy….. I’ve had it for almost one month now.

    iPhone 11iPhone 11

  13. Jnerd

    makes plugging in your chargers that much easier.

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  14. Matthews

    Was looking for a phone that had good volume and so far the phone has met that expectation. The appearance of the phone that I received was also above expectations. No whatsoever visible flaws. So far very pleased with my order.

    iPhone 11iPhone 11

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  15. Zoomteam

    Something is different about this phone. But over all it works great. But I think the touch screen might be less sensitive. And a couple other tiny glitches here and there I can’t think of right now. The difference is so minuscule. It’s worth buying this phone.

    iPhone 11iPhone 11

  16. peter

    I got a issue with my phone, but the costumer service help me right away! They’re very fast in communication and the phone was overall good. Thank you

    iPhone XiPhone X

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  17. Gail

    The screen scratches are in odd spots and aren’t just not normal scratches, hard to explain but generally more annoying and thicker. They are visible with the phone locked, but not when actually using the phone so I don’t mind too much.

    iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro

  18. Larry

    Found my package. Thank u so much

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  19. Werede

    It came with issues. Does phone has difficulty connecting to WIFI, I have to restart the phone often and that is very annoying. The phone came dirty, they didn’t even bother to clean the outside of the cell that I guess that was the same poor job they did to clean a the inside of the phone

    iPhone Xs MaxiPhone Xs Max

  20. Chilbert

    I am always a little hesitant about buying refurbished, but I am very pleased with my purchase, and it looks just like new, no scratches or dings on it anywhere, a scratch or ding would not have been a problem since I always use a case, for my expensive phones and tablets., it also came with a charger and cord, I am very pleased with the price of the product as Apple wanted almost $200 more for the same product. I would buy from you again!
    I had to add to this, because I purchased a second certified refurbished iPad,and the second one was just like the first, very good condition, you would never know that it was refurbished,
    Both came with a after market charger and a cable

    iPad Mini 4 Wi-FiiPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi

  21. andy jones

    The packaging was ok and it felt like refreshed, like new. The charger is generic and cheap quality. The phone does get hot after charging which may indicate some issues with battery or charging cable itself. Otherwise the setup was straight forward, credit goes to Apple for having the feature to upgrade by NFC/Airplay and synching up all of storage from old phone to new device?

    iPhone Xs MaxiPhone Xs Max

  22. SouthPaw

    It wasn’t worth the hassle to return and could be an honest mistake but Rose Gold is usually a few dollars less. The box and the order and the sticker on the back all said gold. Battery was 92, Kudos for that. Looks and works great. I’ll live with the color until I get another.

    iPhone XsiPhone Xs

  23. Enyer Lobo

    Battery life is amazing. I’m a intense user and the majority of reviews on the battery are false. I use Max brightness for about 7 hours on screen time and I still go to bed with around 20% battery.

    iPhone XsiPhone Xs

  24. Emonie Ariana

    I found it hard to believe that this phone would be 100% worth it because it is refurbished, but after a couple of weeks of having this phone, it proved to be as efficient as it claims.

    iPhone Xs MaxiPhone Xs Max

  25. Kosta

    The phone is beautiful. The phone came faster than I thought it would. I have no complaints about the phone itself. My only issue is the charger doesn¡®t work. I contacted the seller and I hope they can replace it.

    iPhone Xs MaxiPhone Xs Max

  26. Pete

    So far, so good! Have had this phone for one week and it’s serving me well. Miss the earphone jack, but worth having a phone that works and costs less than new ones. I’ll update if anything changes.

    iPhone XsiPhone Xs

  27. Chipper

    Appearance wise, it is fine. Mine has two weird looking scratches, one on the top right hand corner of the phone above the screen, the other similar on the back of the phone. I don’t mind it too much because honestly you’d have to shine light on the phone at the right angle to notice them, you don’t even feel the scratches.

    iPhone 8iPhone 8

  28. Frank

    This is the first iPhone I bought for a family member they liked the phone but once again the charger broke in half the first day the tried to use it I want these sellers to know that whenever you buy a phone the charger is jus as important as the phone I was blessed because I already had a iPhone charger.

    iPhone XsiPhone Xs

  29. Jeff McLeod

    The phone I received works perfectly at 98% battery health. The only real negative is that the back glass had some small scratches. Honestly, unless it’s prime shipping and free returns,

    iPhone XiPhone X

  30. printella yearby

    It’s an amazing phone. Finally a flagship spec device on a small form factor. I Have been waiting years for this

    iPhone 8 PlusiPhone 8 Plus

  31. Ricardo R.

    It was as described by the seller. It came in original packaging with the power adapter and a lightening cable. There is no scratches on the display or anywhere else on the device. I inspected it very closely. Because this is a refurb when Apple set them up, they use the original software that was included at the time of manufacturing. I am very pleased with this purchase and highly recommend the refurb to save money. In my case I saved a lot on the iPad and another $45 in tax, so that is $185 over buying a brand new one at a retail store.
    I did have some issues with Fedex and my delivery. They said they had delivered it and yet I didn’t have it and it was no where to be found. I put in a trace via Fedex and later in the day my package mysteriously showed up. I won’t dink the seller they both did what they said they would do, that is totally on Fedex.

    iPad Air 3  Wi-FiiPad Air 3 Wi-Fi

  32. Ryan Catlett

    I was a bit skeptic ordering a refurbished apple device. I grew up with parents who absolutely refused to buy pre-owned or even certified refurbished products. I ordered a cert. It came in mint condition and Ive had my iphone for a year with no problems. Now the exact same can be said with this iPad, it came with no scratches. It had a huge black sticker skin thus reinforcing the fact it was preowned but I ignored it, it works like my previous iPad. People keep complaining their devices stop working in the reviews and thats becuase theyre most likely using the 3rd party chargers the seller included. On a serious note, buy a real apple charger and play it safe.

    iPad Pro 9.7 (2016) Wi-FiiPad Pro 9.7 (2016) Wi-Fi

  33. Alex Rose

    It was working just like a brand new phone would. The only problem is the battery life. Personally, the phone has great qualities but the battery life is not one. Overall I’m happy with my purchase. You definitely get what you pay for.

    iPhone 8iPhone 8

  34. Sebastian Butler

    i was honestly scared because of the bad reviews but when it came, it was honestly in good condition. came a day early. has a couple of scuffs in each corner but no cracks in the glass. i’d honestly recommend to get it but it’s up to YOU if you wanna risk getting a good one or a bad one. i’d still give it 4 stars because of the scuffs

    iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 7 Plus

  35. Hinton

    I knew that a renewed product would mean that the battery had some use to it, and I’m finding that to be true. No matter if I disable bluetooth, wifi, etc…it just doesn’t last long. Just be aware. Physically the product was flawless and came nicely packed.

    iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 7 Plus

  36. Chelsea Benally

    I did like how it came, however the charger took long to charge. I charge it for two hours, yet I managed to get 24%. If this isn’t the real charger I would like you to send me it. If I’m paying more money for this phone aleast give me a good charger.

    iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 7 Plus

  37. stan

    It’s a nice size… I wanted a bigger screen. It takes nice pictures, and I love the prism white color… although I did buy a case for it. The call feature works nicely. And, the cell arrived like 5 days before the estimated delivery date, which was great, because I was really looking forward to a new one….

    iPhone 7iPhone 7