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We offer products remanufactured to their original state specifications. Eco-friendly.

We Provide High Quality Goods

Unsurpassed quality for both professional use and for the discerning consumers.

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We use Genuine Factory parts

We only use genuine parts from the factory to refurbish devices, which means you get that same original quality.


Point Check

Our 70 point tech check inspection buy our tech expert engineers.



For our Service, we’ll be focusing on Refurbished iPhones 6s to 12 (multi GB sizes), and a few Brand New Android Smartphones Sales.

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Refurbished Office

Necessary, Global 4 city Refurbished Office making this Professional


Zero'ing Out Carbon

When we say great tech shouldn't cost us the planet, we mean it. That's why we're committed to doing the planet good by zero'ing out carbon. Each phone on average emits 80kg of carbon.