1. omar gurment

    The delivery was right on schedule and the phone looks pretty much brand new. Everything works exceptionally. I’m very happy with what I paid for. Especially with the excellent the price I paid for it

    iPhone 12 MiniiPhone 12 Mini

  2. Russell Gillum

    Great buy! I got exactly what they said I would, and it’s basically like new. It included the phone, charger USB, and base. No scratches or glitches, and all features seem to work. Will most likely purchase again!

    iPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro

  3. Clare

    I’m always a little nervous about buying refurbished electronics after getting burned once. But this phone has exceeded my expectations. Other than a small scratch on the screen that isn’t even noticeable unless at just the right angle in the light, this phone is pristine. The color is beautiful
    Transferring my info from the previous phone was quick and easy. I just sat them next to each other, and the phone did all the heavy lifting. Sound quality is good, and apps open quickly and run efficiently. Photos are fantastic, and the detail is amazing. I have yet to learn all the new features, but the low light pictures are much improved, especially of storms. Voice recognition and autocorrect in text messages seem to be more accurate than my old one as well.

    iPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro

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    Image #1 from Clare
  4. Jack

    it was unlock as it supposed to be. If this company is taking the time to make sure this phone is presentable and works properly, they are doing a great job to please their customers. For those reading this review, I hope my case is not the exception.

    iPhone 12iPhone 12

  5. Laura J Kester

    It just came in today and this may be premature but I’m so in love with this phone! It is rose gold and it was in PERFECT condition! I’m serious not one scratch or blemish and it works beautifully! It looks BRAND NEW I¡¯m actually using it to write this review right now! I made sure to backup everything to iCloud before I took the sim out and I’m glad I did! I was able to start this phone with no problems and it now is set up identically to my old phone all my photos and apps are here and it looks amazing!! That didn’t really bother me though because for the price this was 100% worth it! Thank you for this amazing phone I’ll try to update this in a few months to give a status report.

    iPhone 12iPhone 12

  6. Jacquelyn Taylor

    If you’re thinking about buying this buy it right now! I had iPhone and wanted another phone I can have years to come it took me two months to buy this because how much money. I have never been so happy! I can’t express how happy and thankful iam to this company! Everything transferred over in less than 15 mins it was activate it with metro pcs within 10mins. I do have small hands so sometimes it’s hard to hold with one hand haha! The camera is awesome, sound is awesome the color is great, it’s fast and up to date! It came with a screen protector you can buy another one. My watch paired fast dude! Buy this ASAP you’ll love it calls is cool it drops when I’m in a dead zone but that’s my services obviously turning the phone off tho is weird af the battery life was 100%! It last about a 11 hours until it dies

    iPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro

  7. gtcharlie

    So happy I ordered this phone ! And I didn’t let the other reviews change my mind and went for it Phone came a day earlier , fast 2 day shipping ! Came with a nice box, thought it was brand new from them ! I’m so happy no scratches no issues and I didn’t even charge it yet and been two days! Got a nice case for it and looks brand new !! Thank you to the seller for this great phone !!

    iPhone 12 MiniiPhone 12 Mini

  8. MessyMix

    I accidentally left my IPhone 7 headphones on a plane when traveling with family. These work as well as the original ones. Would buy them again.

    Lightning HeadphonesLightning Headphones

  9. Benjamin

    All round solid iPhone, only slight down side is the battery health which came at 86% but the battery life is still decent

    iPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro

  10. Bayleigh

    This was the first time buying a used refurbished cell phone instead of getting a new one. The reason is simple, the price. The renewed iPhone came a few days after it was ordered, packaged in new box and well protected. The screen already had a glass protector on it but showed no evident scratches. The back of the phone showed no signs of wear either. Came with a generic new, listed as certified charger and cable, did not try those yet. Used an Apple charger and cable to charge it, which was quick. Mirroring the apps, contacts and details from the old iPhone to this one was slick and maybe took 20-30 minutes. It is supposed to come with a sim card removal tool/pin, there was none, but I had one already. Easy to change. Once changed and powered, that the phone was showing up on the network. Battery life is good for a full day’s typical use but that can be subjective since everyone uses their phone differently. So far so good, a worthwhile purchase.

    iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro

  11. alexander

    Just received device today, it came several days early. Unboxing, product came as advertised one minor visible scratch near charging port, screen protector on front and back of device, full battery

    iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro

  12. Dan Snyder

    Buying a refurbed product is always a bit like rolling the dice, so I’m glad my transaction went so smoothly. The device must have been very lightly used given the condition I received it (basically Mint). I expected a Battery Health of ~80-85%, was pleasantly surprised with a 92%.
    The Lightning cable and charger were nice bonuses I didn’t expect with a used product, and the 90 day warranty provides some nice piece-of-mind you don’t commonly find when purchasing used/refurbed items.It came in excellent condition. Not a scratch on it. It’s like new. Everything works great. The seller provided a top quality phone. I’m very pleased and it came in 2 days.

    iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 7 Plus

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    Image #1 from Dan Snyder
    Image #2 from Dan Snyder
  13. Alyssa

    Arrived quick! Phone has absolutely no flaws and is working great! I was skeptical about buying a refurbished phone but this item has proved me wrong! Extremely happy with purchase!

    iPhone 12iPhone 12

  14. KELVIN B.

    I was a little apprehensive about buying a renewed phone Among other potential issues, Well this purchase went about as perfectly as possible. The phone itself was fully unlocked as advertised. The battery was surprisingly perfect (100% maximum capacity). Everything about the phone worked perfectly and the physical condition was almost perfect. I did have to contact them with some questions and they were VERY responsive and seemed very eager to help. I would definitely recommend.

    iPhone 11iPhone 11

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    Image #2 from KELVIN B.
    Image #3 from KELVIN B.
    Image #4 from KELVIN B.
  15. Lance

    The condition of it was perfect. No issues putting my SIM into it. I’d definitely recommend ordering from this seller.

    iPhone 12iPhone 12

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    Image #1 from Lance
    Image #2 from Lance
    Image #3 from Lance
  16. gary

    Arrived early and the phone was exactly as advertised. Delighted with bother product and the service. Would definitely use again.
    The phone came last night , I has no scratchers , also came with a screen protector on the phone as well as a clear case . I was able to put my SIM card in and now I’m using the phone PERFECTLY,Came in great condition and in time would recommend

    iPhone XsiPhone Xs

  17. Mark Anders

    the plate is nice and small, and the charging is fast. Also arrived a week early.

    Magsafe Charger CableMagsafe Charger Cable

  18. John

    the one I received was perfect. It came fully unlocked and undamaged. It looks as if I had baught it straight from apple. So far an overall 5 stars and no complaints.
    My purchase has been totally problem free. The phone is immaculate and works perfectly and it arrived ahead of schedule. Well done your service and good luck with your recycling and environmental mission.

    iPhone 12 Pro MaxiPhone 12 Pro Max

  19. Laura

    I like the feel of the cable and it seems very durable. Works great in my car with my phone holder as a semi-permanent fixture.

    USB Lightning Charger Cable 100CMUSB Lightning Charger Cable 100CM

  20. David

    Had a little hiccup with the first mobile I received but was replaced very quickly and had no issue with this one. Customer service was top notch. Thanks

    iPhone 12 MiniiPhone 12 Mini

  21. Mienhman Wilfried

    I typically don’t write reviews, but this product and vendor deserve some of my time. I received my phone 2 days prior to its predicted delivery date and I have been using my purchase for approximately one week. When I opened the package containing the phone, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the phone looked brand new. I could not find a blemish anywhere on the phone screen or body. I asked my daughter to look it over also (her eyes are better than mine) and she also could not find any defects. I placed my new phone on my wireless charging pad and it immediately turned on and started charging, where I left it for the night. The following morning it was fully charged. So far, I’m very pleased with this purchase. Battery life, for me, has been two and three days between charges. I am definitely considering replacing my wife’s phone and would highly recommend this product and vendor in the future. I did purchased an extended 2 year warranty along with the purchase of this phone, just in case. Together, it was still a Great deal compared to purchasing the equivalent through my cell phone service provider!..

    iPhone XiPhone X

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    Image #1 from Mienhman Wilfried
    Image #2 from Mienhman Wilfried
    Image #3 from Mienhman Wilfried
  22. B.Herget

    Performing better then expected which replace an ipad I received as a gift some five years ago. This was advertised I believe ‘refurbished’ but when I received it, I would have bet$ that if I had not known, I would have thought it was brand new. Good purchase and value for the price. I am not a techy so I took it to the apple store to have them move data from the mini to the air. Even the team mate at Apple I think seemed taken by surprise of the condition mentioned it seemed well taken care of. So conclusion, my time on the mini was limited and did not get everyday use, as the case with the Air. I have not used the camera on the air but sure to believe it will perform well. Conclusion: I would buy it again and gift it. Great value, good price and for my needs, great performance. Just so you know…

    iPad 2019 Wi-FiiPad 2019 Wi-Fi

  23. Quintin Cantu

    For a used phone it looks brand new, I did not expect that. This is my fourth Apple phone, all were purchased new, now I will only purchase a used phone because its a much better value.

    iPhone 12 MiniiPhone 12 Mini

  24. Rodrigo

    I love all the storage! If you want an iPhone quality at a reasonable price, this meets all my needs! It has nice clear video, great sound, awesome storage and easy features. It took a bit of a learning curve since I’ve never had an apple phone before. The battery can go down quickly, but I found great tutorials on what to turn off to preserve battery life. I recommend it highly! I use a stylus because it is smaller than what I’m used to. I bought an adorable case…so many cute choices for this model and earphones are easy too!

    iPhone 12 MiniiPhone 12 Mini

  25. Courtnee

    I received my phone a day early and it came exactly as I imagined. I was a little nervous buying a refurbished phone on the internet, but I truly have no complaints. The phone came in perfect, like new condition and has been working great with my carrier and in general.Came with a charger and charging block as mentioned in the description. It also came with a screen protector that was already put on the screen! That was an awesome and much appreciated touch. There is also 60 day warranty and free returns just in case something were to happen.I am incredibly pleased. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

    iPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro

  26. Juan Fra

    I’ve only had this phone for a few hours, but everything has been fine so far. Setting up my iCloud was easy, retrieving data from my phone was easy, and there were no scratched or dents in the phone whatsoever. I was really nervous to see the phone when it arrived, especially since I chose the gold color and they don’t even show an iPhone for the gold color in the photos they used but sure enough the right model came. Disappointed the headphones weren’t included, but I won’t sin for that since I received a new charger. Overall, the experience was very smooth, and my product arrived days before expected so I can’t complain.

    iPhone 11 Pro MaxiPhone 11 Pro Max

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    Image #1 from Juan Fra
  27. mollydog

    Mint phone fory daughter’s birthday, literally no marks/scratches and battery was 100% health.Peace of mind with the warranty which is brilliant. Came in plain white box with brand new plug and cable/sim eject tool. Really happy with purchase thank you.

    iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro

  28. Brian Bowling

    Perfect! Came brand new in the box, almost fully charged, everything perfect and sealed.

    Airpods Pro With Wirless Charging CaseAirpods Pro With Wirless Charging Case

  29. Naomi Coy

    it’s always cheaper and more convenient. i loved this phone when i had it. there were absolutely no flaws when i received it (cracks, dents, scratches, etc). it looked and operated like a brand new iphone. all of the switches, touches, cameras, etc worked perfectly fine. i used this with straight talk and had no issues putting my sim card in and getting signal.one thing to note is that you will have to buy your own headphone adapter (they’re about $9 on apple’s website) if you don’t have airpods/wireless headphones. the package only included a white box, the phone in protective films, a couple of info papers, and a charger.overall, i’m extremely happy with my purchase and i will buy again if the time arises.

    iPhone 12iPhone 12

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    Image #1 from Naomi Coy
    Image #2 from Naomi Coy
  30. Elizabeth

    Like some of the other reviewers, I had concern about the condition of a ‘renewed’ phone. As it turned out, it arrived in perfect, like-new condition. No observable defects, no apparent wear/scratches/scuffs even when looking closelyUsing the iOS battery health app, the battery health was at 100%. the refurb department did a great job of cleaning, wiping the previous installation of iOS and repackaging it. Regardless, I did complete reset before restoring from a backup. This probably isn’t necessary but it brought some peace of mind knowing that It was a clean installation of iOS.It arrived in a well designed aftermarket box designed for cell phones, an Apple charger, Apple cable and an aftermarket screen protector of the type used for shipping. They mention that it may come with an aftermarket charger and cable so don’t expect Apple branded accessories.

    iPhone 12 Pro MaxiPhone 12 Pro Max

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    Image #1 from Elizabeth
  31. Jon

    This phone came as advertised. It had some minor scratches on right side of screen, but nothing to cry about. The glass screen protector actually hid them. Came with 100% battery capacity, which actually had me surprised! There were no scratches on the sides or back, just some dust. Phone powered right on, and every single feature works. I like the fact that it fits nicely in one hand, and is really fast. The seller responded quickly to my questions, was polite, and the package actually arrived 1 day earlier than I had anticipated!

    iPhone 12iPhone 12

  32. Bill Burnam

    The phone was for my Son for Christmas, he was very happy with it. It set up easily through our carrier because it was unlocked. Very happy with purchase.

    iPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro

  33. Rachel Leckie

    I cannot tell you how happy I am with my new phone! I really wanted a refurbished phone but everywhere I looked I needed to have signed up to some sort of contact. I was also worried about how easy it would be to use my current SIM. I didn’t need to worry it was so easy! So great service and great product. A very happy customer

    iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro

  34. linda

    I knew that before buying this cable so I just came here to suggest labeling your cables

    C To Lightning Charger Cable 100CMC To Lightning Charger Cable 100CM

  35. Girmai Adhanom

    Very satisfied with my refurbished iPhone mini, been using it from like 3 weeks and everything looking and working fine, its looks like its almost new and came in a really good package and a screen protector (tempered glass) to protect it, it also came with USB lightning cable and a wall adapter, the only thing I did like about this seller, is that it came with invoice,

    iPhone 12 MiniiPhone 12 Mini

  36. michael jones

    For a previously used phone this is great I’ve been seeing a lot of negative review’s so i guess i just got lucky…..ok so I’m like a year in on using this and it’s good but consider a better phone this one over what’s and dies quickly

    iPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro

  37. Frank Gehring

    It was great! the phone came inside a small zip lock bag to try to vacuum seal it as much they can which was great. The phone turned on well and setting it up was easy enough. The phone has been working amazing so far and I would recommend to buy.

    iPhone 12 MiniiPhone 12 Mini

  38. Luna k

    I got this when the battery life in my last phone, the LG V30 started tanking. I figured that I could easily try the current iPhone and sell it again if I didn’t like it. I am pleasantly surprised by pretty much everything this phone offers.I’m going to start with the battery life, because that is the because surprise I have had coming to this phone. On day one with my old phone, I would get at max 6 hours of SoT (screen on time) before the phone would die. That was typically enough for me to go from 6am to 10pm with enough left over for me to not feel worried about dying in the middle of the day. Prior to buying this phone that battery life dropped to roughly 3.5-4 hours of SoT before dying.This new (refurbished I know) phone easily gets ~8 hours of SoT, easily going even higher depending on what I’m doing. I can go a full two days without a charge. That’s with bluetooth on 24/7. To say I am happy with the battery is an understatement.

    iPhone 12 Pro MaxiPhone 12 Pro Max

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    Image #1 from Luna k
  39. Kayla Abrams

    This phone is great. Came with a 99% battery life although on of the lower speakers don’t work but there isn’t much of a difference.

    iPhone Xs MaxiPhone Xs Max

  40. Ivan M

    The phone works perfectly fine! The only thing is I can’t connect them to my wireless Bluetooth skull candy headphones.

    iPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro

  41. Mamaof4

    so far, great phone! battery life at 95%, no cracks or scratches. I was really worried after reading some reviews, but i’m not regretting it!

    iPhone 12 MiniiPhone 12 Mini

  42. Willard

    I was so worried about buying a phone from here . It’s for my sons birthday and I haven’t given it to him yet so I?¡¥m not sure how it’s operating but it looks nearly brand new and it’s charging to 100%. I’ll update if there’s any problems but I have a feeling all will be fine.

    iPhone 7iPhone 7

  43. Lilia

    This phone is great! (Please excuse the somewhat blurry pics, I have shaky hands) The battery health was already at 100% and its has barely any cosmetic damage. Save for a super tiny little nick at the top which is barely noticeable unless I shine a camera directly at the area. Also, the phone came preinstalled with a screen protector! I guess its a bit of a minus that it doesnt come with headphones, but I already have airpods, so that doesn¡¯t bother me. It¡¯s something to keep in mind when you purchase anything. The phone came in four days early too which is dope.

    iPhone 12 Pro MaxiPhone 12 Pro Max

  44. Joseph

    I go to the gym and with these they were so good my head exploded in tiny pieces

    Airpods 2nd Gen with Wireless Charging CaseAirpods 2nd Gen with Wireless Charging Case

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    Image #1 from Joseph
  45. paul

    I will never buy an iphone full price again, refurbished is the WAY TO GO for sure. This phone was like new. and so much cheaper than buying the new one from apple. The battery life was great, it came quickly and I am so happy with it. No scratches or dents or anything.

    iPhone 12iPhone 12

  46. Tiffany West

    I am absolutely happy with my purchase! I’ve gone through the reviews and was ready to order right after. The only thing is my battery health was at 84% as I seen others with 100% which is fine by me. It’s nothing to go get a new battery when and if that time comes. As you see in the pictures the phone is in great condition annnndddd it’s unlocked so you can use any phone service for it. I’m digging the picture quality especially after upgrading to this. What a difference a upgraded phone makes! It came with a cute case plus a charger. If you¡¯re looking into this phone I’d say go for it. I’m on day 1 and I’m excited!!! I’m 1 month in with the phone and it’s still working great no issues at all.

    iPhone 12 Pro MaxiPhone 12 Pro Max

  47. maria r.

    I liked the overall condition of the refurbished phone that I received. Everything on the preowned refurbished iPhone looks and works great. If I were to be one to be a pain in the butt critic and place it under a microscope I’d only be able to complain about very small and hardly noticeable scratches and the battery could last a bit longer but it’s to be expected of a refurbished/pre-loved device at its price point. So in my conclusion of this review I’d rate it a solid 9.5 stars out of 10 I’d be a 10 if it had been brand new.
    Recommended by a friend and was extremely impressed with the whole process from contacting them about possible options, to receiving my product. Great customer care and really impressed with the product itself.

    iPhone 8 PlusiPhone 8 Plus

  48. Baylee Cole

    I just wanna tell everybody this is NOT A SCAM!!!! This phone is so amazing, great battery life, Face ID everything. Unfortunately mine didn’t come in an iPhone box but I was too much worried about that but it did come w/ a charger . Please get this phone don’t let any of these reviews scare you! I will be doing a month review on this phone for more updates. Brand new and unlocked I’m paired with cricket so everything transferred over so easily!

    iPhone 11 Pro MaxiPhone 11 Pro Max

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    Image #1 from Baylee Cole
    Image #2 from Baylee Cole
  49. Akira

    i have had the phone for a month now, and the only thing that has bugged me with the product is that i cant turn off the noise you get when you take a picture. everything else works perfectly fine. absolutely worth it

    iPhone 11iPhone 11

  50. Fastidioman

    It came fast and it’s in good condition looks new unfortunately it’s not a real iPhone it was assembled in China when we all know Apple is made in the use and assembled in California but overall a good phone

    iPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro